Chutzpah—a word with many meanings. For the nation of Israel, it denotes the fortitude and courage to create a thriving society in the midst of the greatest intolerance.

Chutzpah has comparable connotations for the African American community, as recent events show that racial tension in America remains a very real threat to the lives of African Americans. Every day, activists and advocates fight for freedom and civil rights. As Calev Michael Myers reveals in Crucial Alliance, this response bears striking similarities to the Jewish community’s efforts against anti-Semitism and violence.

This intensely well-researched book outlines parallels between these two peoples that trace back hundreds of years. From Jewish lawyers fighting racist laws to Dr. Martin Luther King’s advice on an African American–Jewish alliance, Myers stresses the important mutual support and collective activism between these two communities throughout history. Broadening the perspective to Israel and its enemies, Myers argues that ideologies like radical Islam are as hateful and deceitful as the KKK and other violent, racist terror groups.

We can’t stop now. Crucial Alliance calls for a strengthening of the bonds between the African American community and Israel in their shared fight against agents of hate and intolerance.


Calev Michael Myers is an Israel-based lawyer, human rights activist, and author. He founded the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, a prominent Israeli NGO advocating for freedom of religion, human rights and civil justice in Israel and throughout the Middle East. Beyond establishing the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, Calev Michael has worked for many years as a partner at Yehuda Raveh & Co. Law Offices, a leading firm founded by Gideon Hausner, Israel's State Prosecutor in the Adolf Eichmann trial. Calev Michael is a Board of Governors Member and activist of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, an organization combatting racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, and negation of the State of Israel. He is a regular contributor to the op-ed pages of major Israeli newspapers and news websites and makes frequent appearances on Israeli and international television programs as a human rights current events analyst. Calev Michael also leads a new social movement in Israel which advances the diplomatic and security position of Israel in the international community, as well as the social and economic situation in Israel, with an emphasis on its peripheral communities. Calev Michael's movement constitutes a bridge between the nation of Israel, the Jewish people and Christian communities worldwide.



"The individuals involved in the conversation that laid the foundation for this work are each heroes in their own right. Their political views range from the far right to the far left. Some agree with my conclusions while others explicitly disagree and would not necessarily endorse this book. Regardless, their words, wisdom, and passion shaped the pages that follow. You will be hearing from each of them periodically. I know their thoughts and convictions will move you as much as they moved me."